Halloween Treats – Halloween Gifts for Kids and Adults

Halloween is a fun holiday celebrated on the night of October 31st. One traditional activity for this holiday is that children will dress in their favorite costumes and go trick-or-treating for candies. Some parents will organize parties for the kids, so that they can wear their spooktacular costumes, play games, and listen to ghost stories without having to knock on doors in the neighborhood. As for adults, they often celebrate with their own costume parties. As you probably know, gift gifting plays an important role in any holiday celebration. This article provides some gift ideas for Halloween treats that can be sent to both kids and adults.

1. Jack O Lantern gift basket:
Jack O Lantern (a pumpkin carved in the face of a man) is the symbol of Halloween. Many Halloween gift baskets use a plastic Jack O Lantern container to hold the candies and treats. One popular Halloween gift is a ghoulish jack o’lantern basket filled with everyone’s favorite candy: Skittles, M & M’s, Kit Kat bar, Hershey chocolate bar, marshmallow ghosts, and so on. These candies will sweeten all the goblins and monsters on Halloween night. Moreover, A Jack O Lantern basket can bring festivities to office decor. It is not surprising that businesses are also sending these baskets as gifts for their clients and associates.

2. Halloween Candy Bouquet:
Alternatively, you can indulge the goblins, witches and monsters at the party with an attractive candy bouquet. Stuffed with treats that include mini Oreo cookies, pretzels bats and pumpkins, gummy skeletons, Reeses peanut putter filled pumpkin, mini chocolate bar, gummi bugs, eyeball lollipops, box of bats and goblins candies, microwave popcorn, and friendly ghosts chocolate cream lollipops, this candy bouquet provides the perfect treat during scary stories telling time.

3. Halloween cupcakes:
These cupcakes are moist and indulgent, and are made with the finest rich cream butter, fresh eggs, pure vanilla and Belgian chocolates, and completed with a double layer of rich chocolate topping. Hand decorated with festive candy confetti, witches, pumpkins, and ghosts, these gourmet cupcakes are perfect for Halloween party food.

4. Halloween Cookies:
Every one of these delicious Belgian Chocolate dipped Oreo cookies is decorated by confectionary artisans with adorable hand-crafted royal icing decorations and candy confetti. With 16 cookies packed in a tin, these yummy cookies will disappear quickly in the party.

5. Halloween Brownies:
These delicious brownies are made with rich Belgian chocolate, and contain 3 times the amount of chocolate that a regular brownie would have. Hand-dipped in a top coat of Belgian dark, milk or white Chocolate, each of these brownies is decorated with adorable hand-crafted Royal Icing witches, pumpkins, ghosts and other favorite spooky characters, and edible candy confetti.

6. Halloween Fortune Cookie:
This smart gift and greeting offers a break from traditional treats. Personalized with a foot-long fortune (your personal message) inside the cookie, this is an unique and memorable way to celebrate Halloween with someone special. Hand dipped in the finest gourmet Belgian milk chocolate, the cookie is adorned with adorable hand-crafted royal icing decorations and sprinkled with festive confetti, pumpkins and ghosts. Each cookie is meticulously packed in a glossy White gift box and topped with colorful tissue paper.

In summary, there are many delicious Halloween treats that can be sent as gifts to kids or adults. They can enhance the fun and festivities of the holiday celebration. Your recipients will remember the fun and love you provide.

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